Editing for Publications

~our virtual class space~


Chapters 1 and 2

Esther’s cat, which was a Siamese, hid under the sofa.
It’s a fine day for a walk.
Who’s going to the store with me?
You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.
Whom do you love?
This secret is just between you and me.
Sullivan is hungrier than I.
She loves herself a little too much.
The cat himself was the culprit.
The problem solved itself.
The slur was aimed at Mom and me.
They’re picking up the tab.
Their hats and coats are in the hall foyer.
They’re going to the bank for some cash.
That car in the driveway is theirs.
Not many people work overtime because they like it.
Most people seem happy with their partners.
“If anyone calls, say I’ve gone to the store,” sneered Machiavelli.
If any students come by my office, tell them I’m out.
Of the four Smiths in her address book, two are Tonys, and two are Louises.
Mothers-in-law are not always hard to get along with.
I’ve never taken an economics class.
If you’re one of the FBI’s agents I didn’t see any UFOs.
Mom says $40 is too much for my books.
At Susan’s height, 120 pounds is too skinny.
For a trip to Mexico, four days isn’t enough.
In Florida, 50 degrees is cold.
The scissors were found where the pliers are kept.

Chapters 3 and 4

Rex’s mother is coming over today.
The women’s room is closed for cleaning.
The horses’ pasture needs a new fence.
The hay was the goats’, or maybe the horses’.
Her book is expensive because of its rarity.
It’s just another reason to go to the fair.
Who’s up for ice cream?
Whose hat is this?
For goodness’ sake, give me the freaking waterhose.
Achilles’ abuse of Hektor’s corpse angered the gods.
Abby’s and Kenneth’s essays were accepted for publication.
Mom and Dad’s van is groovy.
Students without their tickets can’t go on the train.
No one without his or her ticket can go on the train.
Please pardon my sneezing.
Every aspect of this problem–its source, the nature of it, the injured parties–is an impediment to our solving it.
Neither the scarf nor the hats are gray.
If it were the case that I had money, I’d go shopping.
Yesterday she lay the book on the table, lied about getting enough sleep, and lay herself down in her bed.
Aren’t there enough good reasons for why it would be wrong?
Until last December, she was the only sister in that family to have graduated from college.
She was the only sister in that family to graduate from college.


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